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australis logo AustralisBased in the Southern hemisphere ‘AUSTRALIS’ is a steel hulled, fully rigged motor sailor. She carries a comprehensive range of safety, operational and navigational equipment. A 180hp Gardner diesel engine powers the vessel and she is equipped with 2 zodiac tenders. She sails beautifully and has a powerful engine to push her along at 8+ knots when needed.


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Specifications & Features
• Engines:
–   Main 180hp Gardner marine diesel engine (130.6kw)
–   Generator 13.5kva Onan diesel powered (240 volt)
–   Generator back up 27kva Yanmar diesel powered (240 volt)
• 9 large, comfortable passenger berths
• Safety rails all round
• Crows nest with ladder access
• Deck lights for efficient night work
• Lifting rig for loading heavy items on board
• Water maker (desalinator) 2 Lt per min.
• Massive equipment storage space – in the forecastle for items up to 4.4m long (with headroom of 2.5m) or on deck (in cradles) for larger items. Below decks there’s plenty of cupboard and storage space
• Current design Kayak 2 x singles
• Current design Kayak 1 x double
• Bombard Commando C3 – 15hp Yamaha
• Bombard Commando C4 – 15hp Yamaha
• 450 Lt storage tank for outboard fuel

• 240 volt electricity throughout (110 volt conversion available)
• Heating/air conditioning throughout
• Large saloon area
• Covered outdoor saloon area
• Flat screen TV
• Separate guest toilet, bathroom and hot shower
• Washing machine and dryer
• Ice maker – 56kg capacity
• Outdoor BBQ on rear deck

• Full navigation equipment:
• Radar – Furuno, commercial grade
• Depth sounder – Furuno, commercial grade
• GPS – Furuno GP32
• Auto pilot – TMQ
• World-wide integrated electronic charts
• Iridium OpenPort internet – via WiFi on any device – individual email addresses available
• Iridium OpenPort separate guests phone
• Iridium satellite phone
• Radios – HF (long distance) and marine VHF (close range)
• 6 x VHF marine hand held radios


Scientific Installations
• Wet lab
• Dry lab
• Computer lab
• Freezer (390 Lt at −18 °C) & refrigerator (largest 450 Lt at 4 °C) storage capabilities
• Desalinated water
• Forecasting:
–   Wind speed and direction
–   Air temperature
–   Barometric pressure
–   Relative humidity
–   Precipitation
–   Cloud cover
–   Snow fall
–   Sea surface temperature
–   Sea state
–   Swell direction height & whitecap probability
• NOAA satellite live weather imagery receiving capability world over:
–   Accurate coastline overlay on all pictures.
–   Thermal readout/image colouring.
–   Integrated Ocean depth 2 nml intervals & land elevation display.
–   Overlay of wind information.
• ENVISAT satellite real time ice extent imagery
–   Mapping ice sheet characteristics and dynamics.
–   Mapping sea ice distribution and dynamics.
–   Spatial resolution of 150m
–   Accurate coastline overlay overlay on all pictures.
–   100km swath.
–   GIS enabled (GPS overlay for vessel to navigate on directly.
• Customised topographic cartography for specific Mountaineering or scientific expedition needs
• Customised satellite SWATH to order on location & real time satellite imagery


Hydrographic Installations  
• Winch Max line pull: 680 Kg
  Max line speed: 118 mt/min
  Motor: Hydraulic 15″ Cuin 104-1434 Char-Lynn
  Discs: 355 mm Stainless Steel
  Splitter: Bronze
• Rope 600 M
  8 mm Dyneema double braid (SWL) 2800 kg
• Sidescan Sonar Deam width 95 M
  Depth 30 M
  2D & 3D bathymetric mapping – real time display & recording
• DualBeam Eco sounder Depth 450 M
  Frequency 200/83/455 kHz
  2D & 3D bathymetric mapping – real time display & recording
• SingleBeam Eco sounder Commercial Furuno Ecosounder FCV-295
  Commercial Furuno Transducer 200/50 kHz
  2D & 3D bathymetric mapping – real time display & recording
• A-frame Stern and side
• Wet lab / dry lab Stainless steel tray 2M x 600mm x 35mm
• Cargo carrying capacity Cubic metres. (Max so far 9 ton)


Expedition Installations  
• Kayaks 2 x Singles (Current Design – Storm)
  1 x Single (Prijon – Youkon Expedition)
  1 x Double (Current Design – Crosswind)
• Tenders Bombard Commando C3 – 15hp Yamaha
  Bombard Commando C4 – 15hp Yamaha
• Dive equipment Cultri-sub MCH-6 dive compressor
  Bauer Oceanus E1 dive compressor
  Honda Hooka (surface fed air) 2 x 100M
  Dive weight
• Cartography Customised topographic cartography for specific Mountaineering or scientific expedition needs
  Customised satellite SWATH to order on location & real time satellite imagery


Tour around the yacht – Check out the Galley, Cabins work & storage areas.


australis waterline 300x242 Australis


At 23m (75′) and with either a full set of sails up or the powerful 180hp Gardiner engine pushing her along the vessel offers a wonderful sailing experience or a quick passage if time is of the essence. Full safety rails make her a very safe craft in rough weather and for less experienced sailors.

australis cabin2 Australis

australis cabin1 Australis


Australis’ has three cabins of three and one of two. With a maximum of 9 passengers this means there’ll be a spare bunk for storage. The lower double beds have timber dividers for those who don’t want to get too friendly. All bunks have removable sides for rough weather.

australis nav Australis

The Bridge/Navigation

The state-of-the-art integrated navigation system utilises computer charts, auto pilot and GPS. Also on hand is radar and depth sounder. The bridge is fully enclosed and heated and is a great place for wildlife spotting in cold conditions. Communications gear comprises HF radio, satellite phone and email, weather fax and VHF for close communications.

australis galley Australisaustralis galley2 Australis


Cooktop, oven, microwave, toaster, jug, double sink with hot and cold running water. There’s a day fridge in the galley plus three full sized fridge/freezers on board. Bon appetit…

australis saloon 300x229 Australis



The generous saloon table seats 12 in comfort and has TV, DVD, VCR, audio tape and CD player. Check the 360 degree panorama for another view of the saloon/galley area.

australis floksal Australis


Looking forward (left) and looking back (on the right) to the 27 Kva generator, air con and watermaker units. This area has 2.5m headroom and ample storage for specialist or bulky equipment. This area has room for items up to 4.4m long. With the generator humming away it also makes a great drying room for wet clothing. There’s a lifting rig available for lifting heavy itmes into this hold.

australis deck Australis

australis bbq Australis

On deck

Solid safety rails all round provide a safe and comfortable deck area. The large outdoor cockpit area has a removable sun shade and there’s a BBQ and hot water shower on the stern deck. The cockpit area is fitted with a cradle for single & double sea kayak storage if required.

australis above Australis

Up top

A crows nest at the first spreaders offers a safe position for photography and wildlife spotting. This photo from the mast head shows the beauty of the yacht under full sail.