roger1 CrewRoger Wallis – Skipper

Roger has been on and off boats all his life. For 20 years he operated fishing trawlers in Bass Strait (several of which he built himself). As well as owning fishing boats, he has owned numerous sailing vessels. ‘AUSTRALIS’ is the fourth ocean going cruising yacht that was purchased and fitted out especially for expedition support in polar and global operations.

He has sailed in several Sydney-Hobart yacht races and has cruised extensively around the World. He first sailed to the Antarctic continent as a relief skipper on a voyage to Commonwealth Bay in 1995. Since then he has sailed his own yachts on numerous voyages to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia Island, the Falklands and in the Chilean Channels around Patagonia. These trips have been in support of film crews, scientists, mountaineers, skiers, sea kayakers and wildlife enthusiasts. In 2002 he sailed single handed east from South Georgia to Cape Town in South Africa.

Past clients include the Australian Antarctic Division, BBC, mountain and ski guides from Australia, the USA and NZ, film crews from various countries, sea kayak expeditioners, commercial photographers, freedivers and dozens of individuals who have joined him for cruising trips.

Roger has spent 14 seasons traveling in the area from South America to Antarctica and South Georgia.

Master Mariner Class 5 trading
Marine Engine Driver Grade II
Marine Radio Operator’s Certificate

– Voyages to Antarctica – since 1997
– Voyages to South Georgia – since 1998
– 4 crossings of the Southern Ocean, one in mid winter.
– Voyages in Greenland – since 2008
– Voyages in Canada – since 2008.
– 3 full length trips of the Atlantic, Ushuaia to Greenland, return.
– 5 South Pacific crossings.
– 6 full length trips of the Chilean Channels from Valdivia to Ushuaia.
– Cape Horn & the Beagle Chanel – since 1997
– Numerous trips to Diago Ramierez & Ill Defonso
– 1 South Atlantic crossing single-handed from South Georgia to Cape Town, South Africa.
– Numerous sailing trips from Victoria to Tasmania across Bass Strait.
– Commercial fisherman – skipper and crew in Bass Strait for 37 years.
– Built own fishing trawler & 2 yachts.
– 50 years as skipper & crew.

ben1 CrewBen Wallis – Skipper

Ben has been around or on boats since before he could walk. By the age of 16 he had sailed in the prestigious Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, sparking his interest in Southern Ocean sailing. In 1997 at age 18, Ben began sailing with his father as crew on yachts in Antarctica. Since then he has worked up to skippering both Ocean Expeditions yachts, 75-foot Australis and 52-foot Philos. He has worked alongside his father to develop the company, Ocean Expeditions, which now operates in both the Arctic & Antarctic Polar Regions. Ben spends roughly 8 months onboard the yachts running them as Skipper, and the rest of the year is spent running Ocean Expeditions logistics side of things.

RYA – Royal Yachting Federation Offshore Safety & Sea Survival
MCA – Maritime Coastguard Agency Small Craft Sea Survival
MCA – Maritime Coastguard Agency ML5 medical
NSW Maritime boat drivers licence
Marine Radio Operator’s Certificate
Surf Lifesaving Australia – Bronze Medallion – Training officer
SSI Open Water Divers certificate
FRC – Freediving
St Johns – Apply First Aid

– Voyages to Antarctica – since 1997
– Voyages to South Georgia – since 2000
– 2 Sydney to Hobart Races
– Voyages in Greenland – since 2008
– Voyages in Canada – since 2008
– 2 Voyages to Ross Sea
– 2 Macquarie Island
– 2 New Zealand Sub-Antarctic
– 1 full length trip of the Chilean Channels from Ushuaia to Valdivia.
– 3 Diago Ramierez & Ill Defonso
– Cape Horn & the Beagle Canal – since 1997
– 1 Darwin to Lakes Entrance – 2003
– 2 Sailing in Tahiti / Society Islands

skye CrewSkye Marr-Whelan – Crew

Skye Marr-Whelan’s interest in Antarctica was sparked at 16, when she went on a Russian icebreaker to Heard Island and East Antarctica, getting a taste for sailing in the Southern Ocean. Skye has made 14 trips to the Antarctic Peninsula since 2005, in addition to trips to South Georgia, the Chilean Channels, North Scotland, Norway, and Greenland. Skye is as adept at navigating icebergs in the zodiac as she is in the kitchen cooking up delicious meals for the crew.

Skye has crewed on yachts in the Chilean Channels, Antarctica and the Caribbean, mainly working with her partner for Ocean Expeditions and has just finished her fourth season working on the Antarctic Peninsula on yacht Australis. When Skye is not working on boats, she enjoys returning home to Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia and planning her next adventure.

STCW95- Standards of Training, Certification & Watch keeping for seafarers.
SSI Open Water Divers certificate

– 20 plus, voyages to Antarctica – since 2005
– Voyages to South Georgia – since 2005
– 6 Chilean Channels trips
– 2 North Scotland trips – 2007
– 1 Norway fjords trip – 2007
– 2 Spitsbergen trips – 2007
– 2 Greenland trips – 2007
– 4 Russia Far East trips – 2008
– 2 Sailing in Tahiti / Society Islands

Magnus 300x263 Crew Magnus O’Grady – Crew

Magnus has lived on and off boats for his entire life, spending most of his time in high latitudes and around the rugged coast of New Zealand. He first sailed south with his father at the age of thirteen where they cruised extensively through South Georgia, Antarctica and the Chilean fjords. Then later headed north to Canada – Newfoundland, Labrador. Since late 2007 he has worked on several charter vessels operating in the Antarctic and sub-antartic areas.
His navigational experience and wealth of knowledge exceeds his years. Combined with his ability to fix almost anything Magnus is an invaluable set of hands to have around.

Working towards a masters degree in the southern ocean school of hard knocks Certificate.

– Voyages to Antarctica – since 2007
– Voyages to South Georgia – since 2002
– Voyages in Eastern Canadian Arctic – since 2005
– Voyages in South Pacific – since 1994
– Cape Horn & the Beagle Canal – since 2002
– New Zealand – since ever

All crew have gained vast experience in the ways of the sea.