spike tahiti TahitiVisit any or all of the 5 main islands in the French Polynesian Society archipelago Bora Bora, Raiatea, Huahine, Moorea & Tahaa to experience the Tahitian way of life.
High volcanic islands protrude from the sea bellow surrounded by turquoise-blue lagoons. Lie around in tranquil lagoons, admire the botanical wonders or dive on some of the most spectacular reef in the world.

tahiti sun TahitiCountless coconut trees are scattered along the sandy beaches bordering the lagoons. Getting your feet wet will take you to the multi-coloured coral beds and on to the coral crowns that lay on the lagoon bed.

Kayak, go fishing, snorkel or simply explore in the zodiacs around the lagoon. See manta rays, sharks, conger eels, stingrays and millions of other lagoon fish.

sun Tahiti


Any time from April through to October.

Price on application. The price will include the cost to charter the vessel, food, fuel and port fees.
Minimum duration 2 weeks, ex Papeete.