Gulf of California / Sea of Cortez

hamer head Gulf of California / Sea of CortezThe Gulf of California also known as Sea of Cortez is where the desert meets the sea characterized by rugged coastlines cacti, sandy beaches, coastal lagoons, coral reefs and palm oases. Located on the Pacific coast of western Mecico, the peninsula separating the Gulf of California from the Pacific Ocean. The peninsula consists largely of rugged mountain ranges averaging 5,000 ft.

whale shark Gulf of California / Sea of CortezThe Gulf is thought to be one of the most diverse seas on the planet, and is home to more than 5,000 species of macroinvertebrates.

The narrow sea is home to a unique and rich ecosystem. In addition to a wide range of endemic creatures, like the critically endangered Vaquita Marina, it hosts many migratory species, such as the Humpback Whale, California Grey Whale, Killer Whale, Manta Ray and Leather back Sea Turtle, and the world’s largest animal, theBlue Whale. There are unusual resident populations of Fin Whales and Sperm Whales that do not migrate annually.

It also contains 37 islands most of which are the result of volcanic explosions that occurred during the early history of Baja California.

Baja California itself is actually one of the longest, most isolated peninsulas in the world. The land is generally desolate and arid yet the surrounding water but the water alive with marine life.cortez landscape Gulf of California / Sea of Cortez The Gulf of California is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Depth soundings in the gulf plunge to in excess of 3,000 meters (9,800 ft) in the deepest parts the deep clear water making for exelant diving.

Superb diving and sea kayak destination.


Any time from June to September.


Price on application. The price will include the cost to charter the vessel, food, fuel and port fees.
Minimum duration 10 days ex Lapaz.