Galapagos Islands

galapapagos island Galapagos IslandsThe Galapagos Islands are one of the most famous national parks in the world.

This hive of evolution is located 1,000km from the coast of its parent country, Ecuador, in the Pacific Ocean. The group of islands is made up of 13 main islands (the largest of them is Isabela Island) & 6 smaller islands. Each of them is part of a volcanic eruption, reaching up from 3,000 meters below on the ocean floor. Scattered amongst the Islands are 41 different inlets to explore and for ‘Australis’ to anchor in.

galapagos crab Galapagos IslandsUnlike most islands in the Pacific, the Galapagos have gone relatively unchanged by humans. As a result, many unique species have continued to thrive on the islands. Over 95 percent of the islands’ reptile species and nearly three quarters of its land bird species cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Two of the well-known species from the Galapagos Islands are the giant tortoise and marine iguanas.

The unhindered evolutionary development of the islands’ species inspired Charles Darwin to begin The Origin of Species eight years after his visit there.

Symbolic of the archipelago are the tortoises. There are currently 11 subspecies of the giant tortoise, land and marine marine iguana Galapagos Islandsiguanas, penguins and 13 species of finches, famous birds of Darwin’s studies for his theory of evolution.

Different species of cacti, pamper and mangroves in four different colours are also endemic. There is also a rich diversity of flora and fauna throughout the islands.

The rich marine life is fascinating for snorkellers who will find perfect spots to explore including reefs and seamounts, with unique underwater wildlife photography. Several beaches are ideal for snorkeling or just swimming with sea lions, rays and sharks, as part of the Galapagos experience.

The Galapagos Islands makes a superb diving, surfing, sea kayaking, and cruising destination.


Any time from April to September.sea turtles Galapagos Islands


Price on application. The price will include the cost to charter the vessel, food, fuel and port fees.

Minimum duration 10 days ex San Cristobal.