Chilean Channels

channels Chilean ChannelsIn a seemingly shrinking world, the 1500 kilometres
of untouched fjords, soaring peaks, exquisite anchorages and
curious wildlife of Patagonia’s west coast offer sustenance to the
adventurer. Charles Darwin, exploring the Chilean Channels 124
years ago, wrote: It is scarcely possible to imagine anything more
beautiful than the beryl-like blue of these glaciers . . . the
channel with its icebergs presented, for the space of a mile, a
miniature likeness of the Polar Sea. Since then, little has
changed. Here is a world for explorers and visionaries. Awake to
the sound of dolphins breaking the mirrored surface of a misty
fjord with joyful splashes. Curious otters float on their backs as
they feed on mussels and watch us prepare for our day’s adventurer.
This region offers myriad opportunities for mountaineering, sea
kayaking and ctaspirit Chilean Channelsbackcountry treks. Unfold a map, draw a
line across it, dream it – then do it. For paddlers, we carry two
single and one double sea kayak on board, allowing closer views of
curious seals and a spectacular variety of birds. We explore some
of the world’s most spectacular waterways. Narrow channels twist
and turn beneath towering, thousand-metre rock walls. Glaciers flow
down narrow ravines; sparkling icefalls calve ancient emerald ice
into the milky sea. channels2 Chilean ChannelsDaytime brings ample prospects for shore visits.
Trek inland to discover massive beaver dams; set up an easel to
paint, or hike up to higher ground for fantastic vistas. Nights are
spent tucked safely in cosy, picturesque anchorages. Our trips last
from 10 days to five weeks, with an optional dramatic conclusion –
rounding Cape Horn. Fewer people visit the Chilean channels than


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All year round.channels3 Chilean Channels


Australis: Please contact us. Charter price includes food, fuel and port fees. Maximum of 9 people.

Minimum duration:
10 days, 14 days recommended ex Ushuaia (Argentina).